8 Remarkable Features of 9apps

9apps is a unique app store that offers multiple apps under a single platform. It can use as an alternative app store. Thousands of wallpapers, ringtones and games can be downloaded within this single app store for android. Users can also share games or wallpapers with each other. Its popularity is on hike giving a competition to Google Play Store and is advisable to upgrade its latest version to enjoy premium versions. It needlessly offers its users with a number of benefits which are enlisted below:

  1. Size: One of the significant features of this app is its size. It is very tiny and light – weighted and consumes only 4MB of the space on your device where as Google Play Store consumes almost 100 of megabytes on our device. Since, it is beneficial in saving space downloading process becomes speedy.
  2. Free Of Cost:All the apps present in this app store are absolutely free and it does not compromise with its features in any way. Without spending any amount one may enjoy the added features. Infact, all premium apps are free.
  3. Ease of Search: Through this android store it becomes very convenient to search any app of your choice without wastage of time. It provides variety of app suggestions. Countless games and apps can download within no time. Even without in-depth understanding one can easily assess it.
  4. High Speed:It helps to attain ridiculously faster speed even though numerous contents are available. Offline installation is also available. It is a high speed browser for android.
  5. Safety and Security: Even after being a third- party app it ensures complete security of your data. It can also identify your smartphone in case it is lost or turn off and also prevents any kind of information from being leak. No harmful apps are list and latest version blocks all kinds of malware.
  6. Different Languages: One of the remarkable features of this app. It is available in variety of languages which makes it user- friendly and improves the search experience for non- English users. Now users can choose their regional languages as well.
  7. Interface: It makes downloading procedure easy even if one choose large size app. Its features and functionality remains constant in any kind of device. It is compatible with almost all android versions. Graphical User Interface is clean and ensures ease of its use.
  8. Single Stop Shop: Once this app is download one need not need to enter into Play Store again. On a single store approximately all android apps are available. About 1000 of apps are available under a single platform.

9apps is a secure and a safe platform. All of its apps are securely test and scan for viruses. It has a well designed UI Interface and various filters which makes it convenient to use. Only limitation is that it is only for android devices. It is a complete package of entertainment, absolutely free of cost, virus free and offers comprehensive categories. Overall, it is one of the best options for users.

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