A Brief Guide to Summarizing and Paraphrasing Tool Online

Summarizing and Paraphrasing Tool Online are essential skills for academic writing. You’ll almost always rely on them to help present evidence and previous research that support your claims. As such, ensuring they are written well with a corrective English software can have a lot of bearing on what kinds of scores you eventually get on your essays, reports and papers.

How To Summarize

Writing a summary entails reducing a length of text to its essential points – the main ideas that run through it. At most, summaries should be one-third the length of the original piece. Want to write a good summary? Here’s how to achieve it, in brief:

1. Scan the text.

2. Locate the topic sentences and highlight the main points as you read.

3. Use the main points as a guide when outlining or drafting your summary, focusing on the essence of the whole text rather than individual elements of it.

How To Paraphrase

Paraphrasing Tool Online means writing the exact same ideas as in a length of text, except doing it in your own words. It’s an alternative to using direct quotations and is often a necessary element to include in longer summaries. Want to write a good paraphrase? Here’s how to achieve it, in brief:

1. Write down all the main points in a length of text, making sure to include all elements, even detailed ones, such as evidence, statistics and examples.

2. Using this list, write about the subject in detail, taking careful note to stick to information in the original document – no more, no less.

3. Use reporting verbs and phrases to guarantee that proper attribution is given.

4. Use quotation marks to highlight uncommon terms used in the original piece.

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