A Guide On How To Register Slogans

Slogans are a combination of words representing a particular company or its products. Slogans are a trademark that helps consumers to distinguish between the products. Trademark rights make use of slogans exclusive for a company and cannot be reused by another without legal permission.


How To Register Slogans?

Slogans can be protected from violation or reuse by acquiring a trademark right from the office of the ‘U.S. Patent and Trademark’. While the trademark rights of a slogan get created as soon as it is used for commercial purposes but legal litigation from the US trademark office makes it easier to implement the rights of the slogan.

As per the rights, the registered slogan cannot be reused without permission from the holder of the right. When registering a trademark or slogan, an agency considers points of similarity between previous slogans before granting it rights ProjectfreeTVSlogans that have many similarities with other registered slogans are not granted trademark rights.

Obtaining a trademark right is the best way of protecting your slogans from your competitors in the market. Online registration facilities are available with the official website of ‘‘U.S. Patent and Trademark’.


Steps Of Registration

Look For Similar Slogans

The official website of the ‘U.S. Patent and Trademark’ hosts a TESS or ‘Trademark Electronic Search System’ option. Consumers can use this search engine to look for already registered slogans that match their slogans. Just add the slogan to be registered to the given search engine box and wait for the system to display a record of already registered parallel trademarked slogans. Even if an identical slogan exists the USPTO will approve your slogan if the trademarks have been used for representing different products.


File Application For Registration

Use the Trademark Electronic Application System to file for trademark rights online. The system guides users through the process of application. All the primary information regarding the company that will be using the trademark has to be provided into the system for the record. Create a JPG image of the trademark slogan and upload it along with information regarding its first commercial use.

In case the date when the slogan was first used is not more than five years from the date of application, clarification has to be provided as to how the slogan is recognized for a product in the market. Documents supporting your explanation can be uploaded if needed. In the current year, the charges for filing application stands at $325. Online payable options are available.


Track The Application

The filing number provided can be used to track the advancement of the trademark application. Ensure that you respond immediately to any request from USPTO for modifications in the slogan. For instance, changing a word or two may be needed to prevent confusion with other similarly registered slogans.


Renewal Of Registration

Trademark rights are to be renewed on the 6th, 10th and 20th years from the date of registration cyro.se. For renewal, a ‘Declaration of Continued Use’ has to be filed with USPTO.

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