An Effective Way to Improve Oral English آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی

Few people nowadays deny that English is the universal language. English is used not only in Traditional English countries, but also in countries whose mother tongues are not آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی. For non-English speakers, we may have different reasons to learn English well, some want to do business with native or non-native English speakers, some want to travel all around the world without companion of a translator or interpreter, while some are just fascinated by Hollywood blockbusters and want to watch them in source language so that we can understand the movies much better. So there are good reasons for non-English speakers to learn English well.

However, for a non-English speaker, it is not very easy to learn English, especially oral engish well. Many English learners can learn written English very well but they just can not speak it fluently and effectively, like Chinese English learners, Japanese English learners and other English learners. So how can non-English speakers learn English, especially oral English well?

As a non-English speaker and English learner who has an great improvement in oral English though still not good enough, I think I have a say here. For me, one of the effective way to improve oral English is to watch plenty of excellent and interesting English movies, TV Shows or entertainment programs, or just listen to MP3 files of those movies, TV Shows and any other audiobook you find interesting. You will not find learning a foreign language so boring in this way. And if you are interest in them, you are willing to put more effort or energy on learning English. Here i would recommend the following materials.

However, for various reasons, you may not have access to them freely for certain factors. For example DRM protection on iTunes, or other copyright protection measures. If you purchase or rent them from iTunes, you are not able to watch them on on-Apple products. For examples Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook or other phone devices or MP3 players without removing the DRM protection. And if you purchase DVD. You might not be able to back up and play them on your non-Apple Tablet or other portable devices.

So you are likely in need of some softwares to remove DRM or rip DVD and convert the videos files. Into various popular video formats compatible with many various portable devices. Including Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Zune, Galaxy Tab, Android Phones, etc. If there is not enough memory in your memory card, you can also extract. The audio from the video and save as MP3 and WMA AAC . Here I also recommend some softwares that you might need and like.

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