Astrological Remedies For Malefic Moon

People should keep the peace by removing the inconvenient effects of the planets. If you are born in Gandhamula, Gandant or Abhaktamula Yoga, Malefic Moon use the right remedy for your goodness and prosperous life.

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You should use these remedies if you are having problems related to health, money, good education or business. You can go for this remedy even if your activities do not get your lucky support.

You can succeed in your work if you apply these methods with the right methods and principles. One should use such measures with accuracy and purity otherwise he may get the opposite effect. Let’s discuss some of the measures we can take for the auspiciousness of the moon.

Bathe using moon-related products

Remedies For Malefic Moon, You can use moon-related products for bathing to get better results from it. There are many products associated with the moon. You can use yogurt for bathing but you have to believe and agree before you do that.

At the same time, you can enchant the moon to get beneficial results. After the massage, you can take a bath with water. If you meditate on Lord Moon while bathing, it will bless you with a positive result.

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Donate moon-related products

Remedies For Malefic Moon, Vedic astrology suggests this remedy to get auspicious results from the moon. You can donate milk, yogurt, rice, sugar, and ghee as they are lunar related products. You are more likely to get good results if you donate to them on Monday.

You should get up early and take a bath and give alms after worshiping God. You should donate according to your ability and not discuss that cost with anyone. If you want good results from the moon, donations should be made at the moment. Buy products from your own earnings to reap the benefits. The moon does not give you good results if you take money to buy these products for donation.

Chanting the mantra of the moon

Remedies For Malefic Moon, Chanting the mantra of the moon removes the negative influence of the planets. The magic of “Om Namah Shivaya” enhances the auspicious function of the moon and gives you peace of mind. This mantra should be enchanted by a person who is bothered by minor questions. If you chant this mantra in front of the image of Lord Shiva, you will get good results. This is the Vedic mantra of the moon. Don’t think of other things while being glamorous and focus on that planet.

Making a lunar device

Remedies For Malefic Moon, You can make a lunar device on paper or a sheet of silver. You can make it from pomegranate, saffron and musk buddy on peppers. Adding the numbers written on either side of this device gives you a total of 118. After making this device, it should be kept in the temple of the house and worshiped regularly. If the moon is related to the business, you can install it in your workplace.

In the lunar device box, write 7, 2, 9 in the first three divisions, then 8, 6, 4 in the middle division and 3, 10, 5 in the last three divisions.

Sacrifice for the moon

At the time of Yajna you should consult the priest and collect all the products related to the moon. You should chant the mantra mentioned above and study the elements of Yajna to reduce the ill effects of the moon.

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The following are the remedies for a Malefic or weak moon in the horoscope

  1. Chant the technical mantra of the moon 10 times a day. The mantra is: “Chandra Shramya Namaha with Om Shram Shri Sharma (from full moon or Monday of Shukla Paksha)
  2. Wear a moon talisman around the neck or place it in a place of worship.
  3. Fast on Monday. Worship Shivling made of parad or punch metal. Read Shiva Chalise.
  4. Drink water in a silver glass.
  5. Do not drink or give milk to anyone at night.
  6. If Moon is weak in Cancer or Taurus, then worship Bhagwati Gauri, if it is weak in Aries or Scorpio, then worship Goddess Durga. Worship Goddess Chamunda. Pray for health. If Ketu is with the moon, then worship Ganapati. Make way for Durga Saptashati.
  7. Give articles related to the moon on Monday. They are rice, pearls, white cloth, cow, silver goods, oil, milk, etc.
  8. Give food to unmarried girls.
  9. Deal with white products.
  10. Pour water over the shivling.
  11. Give water to the cows.
  12. Give white clothes to the holy man.
  13. Do not travel long distances on a full moon day or a lunar day.
  14. Place the silver moon at the main entrance.
  15. Give milk to Shiva temple on Monday.

16 Put 21 grains of rice in the conch and tie them in a white cloth and throw them in the flowing water (river) on the day of the moon.

  1. Take a medical bath article related to the moon.
  2. Keep water or milk in the pot.

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