Calculate life path number and what is the meaning of number 1 in it?

You can calculate life path number easily. You can check this example and do it yourself as given:

January 12, 1995 then 01/12/1995. 0+1+1+2+1+9+9+5 = 29 = 2+8 = 10 1+0= 1. Significant to note is that my life path is comprised of the 0+1 to make the life path number 1.

Meaning of number 1 life path number:

Seven is a number of wisdom. People with this number always seek wisdom. They try to find the answers to mystery. They never trust strangers and always prefer to stay quiet. ‘Sevens’ do not like to do job that require physical abilities and love to use their minds. They are very, very patient and prefer to work alone.

Abilities of number 1:

Those who have a Life Path number of 1 were born with the ability to become a great leader and attaining that position should be easy. They are fiercely independent, goal oriented and individualistic. Their drive and enthusiasm can take on almost any obstacle. They thrive under challenging situations and can act daring even in the face of the heaviest burdens. Their strength can manifested physically as well as internally. People with a Life Path number of 1 often become leaders of corporations, politics or the military. Their creative abilities lend well to careers in scientific or technological research. This person will get to whatever goal they want to achieve no matter how many hurdles are place in their way. In some ways, they truly are a force to reckoned with.

They have inventive mind:

Their inventive mind and independent spirit make them favor their own needs and stick tirelessly to what they believe is correct. They can become bore with routine and projects that are mire with detail. Assertive and ambitious, they are nevertheless intelligent enough to know when to conceal these aspects- and their often selfish need to have things their way- from others. Others consider this person to be a good friend or ally and a fantastic conversationalist. People are drawn to them but any disapproval will not sit well with those with a Life Path of 1. They are charming and able to read situations for bluffs and truths- important skills to have in a business setting. There is often a sense that this person is standing back, observing everything that is happening and taking mental notes for use later on.

They are born leader:

Born a leader, those with this Life Path can often have problems serving as a follower. And though it may indeed be their birthright to be number one, the real world doesn’t allow a quick ascension to the top. During the early years of their life, while they are building that independence they are know for, there is a tendency for them to be quite dependent. But that sort of lifestyle will dissatisfy them and they will break the cycle and head off on their own. Care needs to take so that they don’t become too egotistical, selfish and demanding.

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