Do you also want to know that is the iPhone XR waterproof or not?

Is the iPhone XR is waterproof here is the answer: No. iPhone XR is water resistant not waterproof. iPhone is always known for introducing new technologies in the mobile phone market. The company very much works on the style and looks of the handset. Generally the iPhone mobile phones are sleek and light weighted phones. Features are also what attract the users towards the device.

Stylish features:

iPhone XR is a stylish and sleek handset with lots of attractive features. The device has browsing facility with the network of GPRS and GSM. The gadget has  screen with internal screen colours with high pixels of resolution, the user can enjoy while playing games and watching images. The device has MP3 ringtones which can also downloaded, in which the user can enjoy his favourite songs as ringtones. The device has new features like shock, splash and dust resistant. Where the users can protect their mobile phone with the dust and water and electric shock. The device is fully made-up with rubber-coated body cover which gives a long life to the smartphone.  In one touch one send emergency message with help of SOS messaging function. The mobile phone has flash light facility with which the user can use this smartphone as a torch light.

Water resistant:

Every parent must protect their cell phone–particularly from situations involving water. Each scenario could have been avoided had I used a cell phone holder–specifically one of the waterproof varieties. Yet kids are spontaneous, always in the moment and any opportunity to soak mom must be taken.


                    Again, a pocket problem. The phone falls out while lying on the lawn, watching the stars. This one can be tricky because the phone will work until it fully dries. When the diaper bag was missing so in good faith, you tossed the cup in your purse. Universal law assures the consequences when you try to sneak around precaution. Are you ever really surprise when you discover a juicy cell phone among the casualties? A cell phone is perfect in a bind; desperation skews risk vs. reward. Most men can’t understand why a cell phone would offered up to certain destruction. In response, all you can say is, ‘I guess you had to there.’


The Bathroom

This stage of toddler curiosity will claim at least one of your phones, possibly more. Toilet, bathtub, sink. ‘nough said. Pocket dialing- Any cell phone holder is worth buying to avoid this! If your keypad is expose, don’t put it in your pocket. Do expect at least one person, with whom you are trying to build a relationship, will hear you yell at your kid. As an extra bonus, it will be captured on a replay-able voice message. I’ve extended my contract a couple times in order to get a new phone and avoid high cost upfront. I wish I hadn’t and so last time I bought a phone off eBay and to finish out my contract.

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