Features That You Should Be Exploring About Audio Spy Cameras

If you set up a hidden camera and use it for illegal purposes, then that would be illegal. You’re surely aware that these tiny devices are openly sold in the market which means that you may buy one if you’d like to. I guess if there’s a reason to get one, then you’ll surely purchase it.

For example, if you have kids at home and leave them with their nanny, it would be nice to watch what’s happening without the guardian’s idea. It’s also an effective way to protect your property from thieves who might want to intrude when you’re out. Don’t forget that such devices would be useful if you want to catch your cheating partner and if you’re eager to purchase audio spy cameras, then you should explore their features first. In this way, you’ll know if this particular device meets your demands and preferences. Just make sure that you’ll be using this without breaking the local laws related to usage and purpose.


You surely want to install these at home or in the office for security purposes. Anyway, these are like CCTVs installed everywhere but you’re not aware that they’re installed. 

Installing them would be easier because there are no complicated settings. However, these spy cams vary in features, which is what we need to explore before purchasing one.

High-Definition Video

Since videos are particularly important here, then the output must be HD. You won’t be satisfied watching the footage when it’s blurry. The details that you want to achieve would be better with a high-quality and cinematic output.

 Anyway, these devices may be tiny, but the resolution could be high. You’ll find them from 720p up to 1080p. With such a recording, the images would be clear, thus it would be satisfying too.

With a higher quality of resolution, capturing would be sharper than a standard definition. Such viewing must be achieved since it’s disappointing to record poor graphics – read https://www.wikiwand.com/en/High-definition_video for more info.

Two-Way Audio

This means that there is a microphone and built-in speaker installed in the system. With this, you’ll be able to communicate with the people who are holding the camera. That would be great if communication were required in the situation.

However, if this cam is secretly installed, then you should disable your microphone when monitoring the footage. In this way, the other side won’t hear and figure out that someone is watching. 

Here, you’re not only capturing the images and movements. You can also hear the conversation, and everything is recorded.

Night Vision

It would be great if you could record with clear images or videos even when it’s nighttime. This is why it’s essential to check if the camera model is designed with night vision. Aside from that, it’s better if this comes with intensifiers to strengthen the light.

Without these features, you won’t be able to achieve good footage during the night. What you can usually see on the screen is also dark. Thus, such a recording won’t be useful.

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Cloud Storage

When storing your recordings, you usually use a DVR, especially with a CCTV because it requires more space. However, if you’re going to set up spy cameras, it would be ideal when these are stored via Cloud – this site will tell you more.

This means that aside from the built-in memory, you have a Cloud backup. To do this, you must connect it through Wi-Fi so uploading would be possible. One good thing about this is you can have access to and monitor what’s happening when you’re in a different location.

Motion Activated Security Cameras

Another feature that you must be looking for is the motion detector. This means that the recording will only be activated once movements are detected. Indeed, it’s a safe way to save your storage.

Thus, it’s an advantage to have this feature, especially when you’d like to record for 24 hours a day. However, it would be more expensive due to the motion sensor installed in the system.

Dynamic Range

With your plan of catching a scene, you won’t only focus on a small coverage. It would be best to have a wider range so that you can view more. 

Now when the dynamic range is good, all sides or angles would be clear. This means that the lighting is balanced. Unlike other cheaper cams where some parts are darker.


Everything nowadays is becoming wireless. Therefore, make sure that this device won’t require complex wires to function. In this way, setting up would be stress-free even for a newbie.

Since this doesn’t require wires, you just need to stick it on your desired spot. Just make sure that it won’t be spotted, to be safe. 

Again, you’ll only need an Internet connection to make it work remotely. And then, you may watch it from your smartphone or computer.

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