How to Boost Holiday Season Sales using POS software

Holiday vibes are already here, and as we all witness. It is the busiest time for retailers all over the globe. This season accounts for a considerable variation in annual sales POS software. Meaning that it can make or break the year.

So, here’s the question, what can you do to make the most of this season? With the holiday season quickly approaching. Let’s talk about how you can use your repair shop software’s data to boost sales and bring in enough holiday cheer to last you through the New Year. A good Point of Sale Software is an essential tool for repair shop owners during the busy holiday period. So let’s look at ways you can boost sales using POS software this Christmas.


Keep an Eye on How Much of Each Product Should be stocked

An efficient cellphone repair shop software must have an inventory management module to manage the store’s products and accessories regularly. It shows alerts whenever a product is running low on stock. As well as for analytics on which products are selling well. At which locations, and at what times, to give you all the meaningful insights regarding your inventory.

During peak hours in the holiday season. You and your staff can rely on the POS software to get notifications about items that are low on stock. To avoid being stuck without your best-selling items just when there’s a large flow of customers coming through the door.


Set up Christmas Loyalty Program 

Comprehensive POS software for computer repair shops have integrated CRM modulesthat allow businesses to identify their loyal customers. Find this pool of shoppers before the holidays and offer them discounts each time they recommend your brand to friends and family and you make a sale through their recommendation.

View their purchase history & trends, and set up a loyalty program tailored specifically to their needs. Sending them special discount coupons and offers will motivate them for further interaction, online, or in-person. With a powerful cellphone repair shop software such as RepairDesk, you can set up campaigns for this festive season to ensure that your precious customers keep coming back to your store.


Sell In-Store & Online via Single System

Most people are interested in shopping online and what could be better than to have a POS system that could also manage and track your online sales. A good computer repair POS system will help you in setting up an online store and integrating it with your existing brick-and-mortar business. A well-integrated omni channel solution synchronizes data about products and accessories. Making it easier for your business to track stock and performance across all channels.


Take Mobile Payments on the Go

According to the 2019 holiday shopping and mobile payments survey conducted by a payment platform ‘Ibotta,’ nearly six in 10 respondents are likely to use a mobile payment solution for some of their holiday purchases this year. Your repair POS software must be capable of accepting a variety of payment types when it comes to the busiest time of the year.

Choose the right point of sale solution that speaks well with the most popular payment integrations. Such as PayPal Here, Stripe, TSYS, and Tyro. RepairDesk offers more than five payment integrations that allow your customers to pay with credit cards, debit cards, chip cards, EMV, and more.


Start Marketing Campaigns

Dreaming of a Christmas cash cow? Get started with a super-effective marketing plan covering all online and offline mediums of marketing. A POS software with a built-in marketing module can play the role of a ‘hero’ in this time of the year. Analyze historical data and strategise a marketing plan that engages your customer throughout the holiday period. Start advertising on social media, develop email campaigns, design promotional banners, and make the most out of this holiday season.

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