Intuition, Love and Making ACIM Videos

ACIM Videos always tickle me. They so often come in the form of pleasant surprises and the common denominator for most miracles, I find, appears to be the powerful, healing force of Love. But, Love is usually accompanied by its partner, Intuition. They work together perfectly. When you fill up with feelings of genuine Love, you are at your intuitive best- a winning combination for creating large and small miracles. Here is one such miracle involving intuition that took me by surprise.

Early one very warm, fall morning, I was contemplating how I could best help a young patient, Elisa,* who was grieving a grandparent she deeply loved. I quieted myself and asked my source of intuition, my Higher Wisdom, what might best work to help her in the healing process. I addressed my request to my Higher Self, including my angels, as well as to the specific energy of her grandmother, Anne*, who had been tragically killed in a car accident. I trusted and intuitively knew that the power of Love trumps death, enabling me to receive the best possible help from the one being who loved Elisa so unconditionally.

What intuitively came to me, quite clearly, was a picture of a book and the idea of asking Elisa to consider writing about precious times spent with her grandmother- including holidays, vacations, visits to the library, bookstore or market. The idea of creating a lovely book, including her own illustrations for each story or adventure that she would write about, felt so right to me. It seemed such a perfect way to celebrate the relationship she had with her grandmother, while, at the same time, adding to her grandmother’s legacy. I had even envisioned the cover she might create, along with several possible titles.

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