Safety Measures For MIG Welder

It is a known fact that welding is a dangerous and risky job and yet a lot of people still aspire becoming an MIG Welder. Sadly, in the United States, 560,000 welders every year face the occupational hazards and risks of exposures to harmful chemicals.

The Department of Labor also estimates that in every 1000 welders in the country, about four of them in the whole course of their careers will surely be fatally injured. MIG Welders are not exempted to this, and every day they continuously face the perils of their chosen work.

There are five common threats to the safety of MIG Welders. Fire and explosions, toxic chemical exposures, Uv rays exposure, the “arc eye”, and electrocution. These can all prevented if protective measures will done.

Keeping the Work Place Convenient for MIG Welding

Fixing the work place and making it conducive to the usage of a MIG welding machine greatly lowers the chance of experiencing accidents in the area. The place should be free from paint cans, old wood, dry grass, and other materials that easily burn upon heat contact. Also, enough space should be provided for MIG Welders for them to carry their work well.

Since they are also prone to exposure to toxic chemical fumes mainly ozone and chromium, Occupational Safety. And Health Administration recommends that roof or ceiling fans should installed in the place.

Vapor masks are also highly advise. This is to produce good ventilation and prevent the welders from “drowning” once the chemicals become too dense. Aside from that, special ground lead should done by a licensed electrician to the area for proper supply grounding.

Safety Gears and Accessories for MIG Welders

MIG Welding can cause flying particles, acids, molten metals, liquid chemicals, light radiation. And chemical gases to affect the eyes and face of MIG Welders. Because of these, long-sleeved shirts are suitable to use along with a safety cap. Helmet, safety glasses, insulated gloves, heat resistant jacket, and rubber-soled shoes.

Another important thing to consider in these clothing and accessories is that they should not made from synthetic materials. Rings and jewelries maybe precious items, but they must not also worn as they are very good conductors of heat.

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