Tech, Media & Telecom Solutions by Devhd

Devhd offers advanced ServiceNow solutions tailored for the technology, media, and telecom sectors. These solutions aim to deliver seamless customer experiences, increase loyalty, and reduce operational costs​​.

Technology Software Challenges and Solutions

Challenges Faced by XaaS Companies

  • Managing complexity in IT and Cloud Operations due to white labeling, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Operating in hybrid environments with diverse technology partners.
  • Offering flexible usage-based services for better value and customer retention.
  • Accelerating customer onboarding for quicker revenue realization.
  • Driving revenue through adoption and outcome-based services​​.

ServiceNow Solutions for Technology Industry

  • Connected Ecosystem Workflows to digitize and simplify business operations.
  • Streamlined Order Management for faster revenue generation.
  • Proactive Customer Care to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce service costs​​.

Media & Entertainment Sector Solutions

Current Sector Challenges:

  • Recruiting and empowering top-tier media production talent.
  • Optimizing and automating digital media supply chain operations.
  • Quickening the market launch for new content and business models​​.

ServiceNow Solutions for Media & Entertainment:

  • Automated workflows for issue resolution.
  • Proactive customer and partner communication regarding updates and issues.
  • Enhanced resilience in broadcasting and streaming operations​​.

Telecom Industry Solutions

Telecom Industry Challenges:

  • Investment in advanced technologies (5G, IoT, etc.) hindered by outdated legacy systems.
  • Need for new business models and operational efficiencies.
  • Balancing cost reduction with customer retention and service quality.
  • Streamlining complex and cost-intensive operations​​.

ServiceNow Benefits for Telecom:

  • Enhanced order management and customer care.
  • Automated service assurance and improved service quality.
  • Modernized network inventory and service management tools​​.

Why Choose Devhd?

Devhd stands out for its commitment to:

  • Quality: Utilizing proven methodologies for superior application development.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Creating scalable, long-term sustainable solutions.
  • Flexibility: Considering future IT architecture needs and potential modifications​​.

Expanded Insights on Devhd’s Services and Methodologies

Devhd’s Identity and Expertise

Devhd is recognized as a ServiceNow professional services company, focusing on delivering practical and sustainable digital workflow solutions. The company specializes in enterprise application development and integration. With a proven track record of completing over 80 ServiceNow projects and more than 20 applications, Devhd has achieved a high customer satisfaction rating (4.65/5) and is regarded as a trusted advisor globally​​.

ServiceNow Services at Devhd

The company employs 20 certified ServiceNow professionals, holding over 35 mainline certifications, including 2 Certified Technical Architects. This extensive expertise ensures successful project outcomes that align with clients’ return on investment (ROI) goals. Devhd’s approach is based on tested methodologies, focusing on building quality, efficient, scalable, and future-proof solutions​​.

Devhd’s Project Methodology

Devhd follows a client-centric approach for ServiceNow projects, acknowledging the unique needs and objectives of each client. Their typical project phases include:

  1. Initial consultations and assessments.
  2. Providing strategic advice for implementation.
  3. Implementing the agreed-upon solutions.
  4. Monitoring and assessing solution performance, with ongoing support and maintenance​​.

Duration and Support Post-Implementation

The time frame for an ITSM implementation varies based on factors like company size and project objectives, typically spanning 3 months to a year or more, from start to post-implementation support. The complexity of the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) implementation, the scale of the organization, and the specific goals of the project can influence the duration. Smaller companies with straightforward requirements may complete the implementation in a shorter timeframe, while larger enterprises with complex processes and extensive customization needs might experience a more extended timeline.

Importance of Advisory and Strategy

Devhd emphasizes the need for Advisory and Strategy services in implementations, enabling long-term strategic planning and consideration of people, processes, and platforms from the outset. This approach aims to ensure strategic alignment and delivery on ROI goals​​.

ServiceNow for Strategic Portfolio Management

ServiceNow is chosen for its versatility and performance in managing enterprise business workflows. It’s ideal for streamlining processes across various teams and departments in large organizations​​.

Other Key ServiceNow Features Utilized by Devhd

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB): Offers control over infrastructure, providing a unified view of IT data and ensuring operational integrity and stability​​.
  • Service Mapping: Identifies and maps all application services, devices, and configuration profiles, aiding in issue identification at application and infrastructure levels​​.
  • Event Management Application: Tracks issues across datacenters on a single console, reducing Mean Time to Repair through various tools​​.
  • Cloud Management Service: Manages multiple cloud services through a unified interface, automating deployments and minimizing risks​​.
  • ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management): Provides a multi-channel customer contact experience, enhancing support team efficiency and contextual management of customer interactions​​.
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM): Manages software assets, addressing aspects like licensing, security, and deployment, thereby improving software user experience across departments​​.

Through these specialized services and methodologies, Devhd demonstrates its capability to deliver comprehensive and customized solutions in the fields of technology, media, and telecommunications.

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