Top 20 Best Low Mb Android Offline Games

There are a lot of people out there who love gaming. In earlier times, people had to go to a game parlor to play games and have fun. But, time has changed, and now people can enjoy amazing games on their Smartphones. Also, mobile games have become more popular than ever. Especially, Android games are in trend these days. The Google Play Store is full of fun games. Also, there are different categories that you can choose from. However, in this era of Smartphones, there are some games that are too big in size. It becomes difficult to download them if you don’t have high-speed internet at your convenience. Also, they take a lot of space on your device. But, there are some games that are available on the Google Play Store that do not take much space on your device. Some of them are offline, as well.

Here is a list of the top 20 Android games that are small in size and are offline as well. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Hoppenhelm

The objective of this game is to jump and go through the obstacles to see how far you can go in a single run. This is a fun game. It is small in size, but you still can enjoy endless hours of fun. Also, there are several characters that you can unlock in the game.

2. Sneak Ops

This is an arcade game and is really fun. You need to collect floppy disks in the game that you can use to unlock different characters in the game. Despite its small size, the game is really fun and can get challenging.

3. Sniper Shot 3D

This is a low Mb game that you will get addicted to. There are several challenging missions in this game, and your main objective is to shoot enemies. If you are a shooting fan, this game is for you. Also, it is offline.

4. Tank Hero

You will operate a tank in this game, and your aim will be to fight other tanks. There are about 120 challenging levels in this game, and you will love them.

5. Sports Car Racing

If you are a racing game fan, this game is for you. There are different challenges in the game that you have to clear. Also, it has 3D graphics, and you will love the experience.

6. 2048

This is one of the most popular yet low sized games out there. It is a classic puzzle game. You will have to add numbers in this game by moving them in different directions in the grid. Every time you get two same numbers together, they will add up. Your aim is to reach the number 2048. You can apply for Android Developer Jobs to know about this field.

7. Infinity Loops

Your aim in the game is to adjust the puzzle pieces to make a perfect loop. It is a simple, yet complicated game. The levels may seem easy in the beginning, but the game will keep getting challenging as you keep moving forward in it. Also, there are infinite levels, so you can never finish with it.

8. Dead Ahead

The world has been conquered by the zombies, and you are riding a vehicle crushing the undead. You will also have to dodge the obstacles in the way. You can also upgrade your vehicle and weapons.

9. Real Bike Racing

This is a fun racing game. You can ride over ten different bikes and enjoy different tracks. The game has decent graphics, and if you are a person who loves racing games, this is a must-try one for you.

10. Auto Theft Gangster

Do you love GTA but don’t have enough space on your device? Download this game and enjoy the same things and also save up some storage. This game has the same theme as GTA.

11. Robot Strike 3D

Get on the battleground as a robot and fight to win. There are about 60 levels in this game, and it gets difficult as you move forward in the game. This is one of the best low Mb games available on the Google Play Store.

12. Flying Bird

You are a bird, and you have to keep flying, avoiding the obstacles. This game may look easy, but it is pretty challenging. Also, it is an endless game, and you can play it for hours.

13. Doodle Cricket

If you like cricket games, you will get addicted to it. Your main objective is to score runs and win the match in limited-overs. It is a low Mb game and doesn’t take much space on the device.

14. Glow Hockey

Do you like air-hockey? This game is perfectly themed on the air-hockey that you play on a table in the game parlors. You can play it against the computer or a friend.

15. Road Fighter

This is the same game that used to be available in the gaming consoles in the ’90s. You are driving a car, and you need to reach the finish line before the fuel finishes, avoiding other cars.

16. Carrom Pool

This is a carrom board game. You can play it against the computer or an opponent. It is as fun as playing carrom for real. You can also choose the difficulty level of the computer.

17. River Crossing IQ

You need to run your brain in this game and help the characters cross the river. It is a fun game. Also, the riddles will get difficult with each level.

18. Modern Sniper

If you don’t have the space to install PUBG Mobile on your device, you can install this game. There are over 50 missions to keep you entertained. Your aim is to shoot the enemies with a sniper rifle.

19. Panda Power

You are a panda in this game, and your aim is to clear the challenging levels to move forward. You can also create your own levels in this game. It has amazing graphics, and you will love playing it.

20. Elite Killer

If you like shooting games, here is another one for you. It is a low sized, yet amazing game. You have to shoot the enemies in the 3D world. There are over a hundred levels in this game.

These are the best low Mb offline games for Android.

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