UCDM – A Bundle of God’s Creation

UCDM: If you are one among the scores of women, who try really hard to get pregnant, but face disillusionment every month, you will understand what we mean. Pregnancy is a boon that God has gifted mankind in order to get ahead our race and to ensure women the most sublime of happiness.

Since ages, women’s lives have revolved around the birth of their child and bringing them up. Which woman would like to be deprived of the happiness of motherhood? Unfortunately, there are a few women, who have almost given up the hope of ever becoming a mother because of several failed attempts. At times they feel that they just can’t take one more cycle of trial, the endless wait and then the unhappy news at the end.

The brave ones go on with these endless numbers of cycles that not only affect their bodies but bring about severe heartache and disillusionment along with it. There are plenty of women who have gone through never ending bouts of harmful medication that has left them bloated, hormonally unstable and yet, nothing else to show at the end of it. The desperation to have a baby to call their own, has even led many to go in for surgeries that has left visible scars not mentioning the scars left behind on their psyche. All of this might be considered worthwhile, if at the end of it they did have the baby to show off and hold. But, to no avail. Until they happened to come across the book called – Pregnancy Miracle.

Cons – Not necessarily well written but makes a lot of sense.

From then onwards life certainly changed for them. There was no looking back and they wondered why someone didn’t guide them to it beforehand. It would have saved them years of hardship and trauma if they had known about the existence of the Pregnancy Miracle beforehand.

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