Ways To Keep Your Mcguffey Readers Engaged Longer

To be successful in blogging there is nothing better than having regular Mcguffey Readers in addition to the readers from search engines. But it is also the most difficult part of marketing your blog. When it comes to newbie bloggers they don’t understand that writing up content alone will not get them a taste of success but efforts to marketwise your blog is necessary as well.

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Why do we watch our favorite sport or movie most of the time? It is not just the entertainment we get out of it but also time engaging in it. Similarly, you should keep your Mcguffey Readers engaged all the time. So that they hardly leave your blog but also if they do so, they will come back.


Steps to be taken:

Put a featured post box

A featured box is a great tool to give your readers that will surely be of great use. Put posts that are most liked by your readers, so that once people go to your homepage they don’t leave your blog. This is will also help in reducing your bounce rate tremendously. The featured box also gives a good structure to your blog design which will attract a lot of people (like men get attracted to girls generally).


Create a related post block below the post

Once a new visitor likes your content, he will want to get more from your blog. That makes no sense in making him scroll back up to navigate or down. So better give them a nice list of posts that are related to the post they are currently viewing which is good as they may love to read more on the same than a completely different area.


Link posts in every article

It is always good to link your previous posts in the current article. Not only for SEO as well as a part of reader engagement.

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Make Navigation Easy

Don’t we get brattled up while going to an address that we are not familiar with? We always ask somebody’s help who is nearby and familiar with the address. Now take a look at a scenario where your reader/visitor is on your site and he doesn’t know the way to go which he is looking for! in this case, a helper may be a search box. But it is always good to have a navigation menu with the best categories and page navigation box at the bottom. This is a basic thing but not the least one by any means.


Fast loading time

I always try to give an example, so that each one of you does get to understand why and what I am talking about. Keep yourself as driving a car and you have an option to go by heavy traffic road or a low traffic road read also Pubg wallpaper. Which one will you take? Low one right. It is the same with people visiting your blog. If it takes a lot of time to load, they will always take the alternative. So better do the right thing now than doing it right later. Do things that will fasten your page loading speed.

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