What in PC – PC Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting

What in PC: Motherboard is a key thing of the computer, performs a vital role within the the computer. If the board have problems and it’ll affect the complete pc pc gadget work. Here we check the maximum common motherboard faults which in the course of we use our computer systems.

Fault 1: no show boot

pc boots no display, we need to check the bios. Motherboard bios shop important facts of the hardware, while bios is the extra susceptible a part of the motherboard, effortlessly be damaged. If damaged will reason the gadget to no longer run. This failure is commonly because the motherboard bios broken by cih virus (of direction now not rule out motherboard failure ensuing machine can’t run itself). In trendy, after the virus destroyed bios difficult force information can be lost. So we are able to detect the hard disk statistics to determine whether or not the good bios is broken. If the hard disk statistics intact, so there are 3 motives why no show boot phenomenon:

  1. Due to the fact the motherboard has enlargement slot or expansion card troubles. Board did no longer respond to show while plug in growth card, together with sound cards, and so forth.
  2. The cpu frequency settings inside the cmos at motherboard free wire jumper does no longer proper. May additionally cause no-display fault. On this regard, fault can resolve as long as the clean cmos. Clear cmos jumper is in the region of the main board of the lithium battery. The default region is typically 1,2 short, simply exchange it to two, three short bounce. A few seconds you could remedy the problem. If users can not find the jumper of previous antique board. Simply cast off the battery, input the cmos settings to display and boot off. Then install the battery also reached the cmos battery discharge purposes.
  3. Motherboard does now not recognize the reminiscence. Memory corruption or reminiscence does now not suit will result in no display boot failure. Some of the old board extra selective memory, as soon as plugged in the reminiscence that the motherboard does not recognize. Motherboard will now not begin, or even a few motherboards do no longer give you any fault guidelines (tweet). From time to time of route, to increase the memory to improve machine overall performance, plugging extraordinary brands, styles of reminiscence also can purpose one of these failure takes place, so upkeep should pay extra interest.

While the motherboard bios is broke, we will plug in isa card to look whether the show (if caused, can propose these steps). If there is no boot screen, you can make a floppy disk automatically update your bios, refresh bios, however a few motherboard bios is broke. The floppy power without a doubt does now not paintings, then, attempt to use warm-plug approach to resolve. (I have tried, as long as the same bios, the motherboard inside the identical class can be a hit write). However the use of warm-plug addition to need the same bios might also damage a few gadgets of the board. So a dependable approach is to apply a write code device to put in writing the bios update document in the bios.

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