Which 5 Jabra Engage Series Headsets Are Perfect For Call Centres?

What makes a call center different from ordinary offices is that the flow of customers calling in is more than any other office. The agents and customer representatives need to have a better tool such as a headset to have better communication. A place such as a call center where teammates sitting next to you are talking and connecting with their clients, you need to stay much focused and avoid the background noises as much as you can. In such a situation there is nothing better than having Jabra headsets for your call centric offices.

They are the pioneers of the sound industry as they understand the demands of their customers and bring innovation according to the latest trends. Here we have rounded up 5 top Jabra Engage Series high-rated and high performing headphones for you to choose and connect with your customers.


  1. Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless Headset with Base Unit

Jabra Engage 65 Mono are the high profile wireless headsets. They are engineered to provide you amazing sound quality and freedom from the wires. They are built-in with DECT technology that ensures you to have a natural type of conversation. These earphones are highly adjustable and comfortable for the long shift use. They provide you the freedom to move around the office and do other tasks without disconnecting from your devices. These earphones increase your availability for the customers even if you are not on your desk. They provide you freedom of wireless frequency that ranges up to 490 ft. They deliver you a talk time of 13 hours. They can be connected with 2 devices at the same time. They provide you the comfort of fast charging form 0 to 40% within 30 minutes. 

They are monaural earpieces that make you aware of the surroundings as well and with the integration of busy light, they allow your colleagues to know when you are active on the call thus causing less disturbance. They are extremely light weighted and provide you easy wearing for the long call meetings. The boom-arm is adjustable and can be rotated around 270 degrees. They have an intelligent volume control that balances the speech level and voice whereas sound protection eliminates high pitched sound from entering into the ear.


  1. Jabra Engage 65 Convertible Wireless Headset with Base Unit

These are the brilliant choice to choose for your call centers as they are manufactured for professional use. They are engineered with all the latest and innovative technologies that would not disappoint you at any place. These one-sided earpieces are built under the best materials with laser construction that makes them durable and reliable for the office. They are ready to endure the punishment it takes to be in the tuff and harsh office environment and they are unbreakable in the fall. These headphones can be docked on their base unit when not in use. These earplugs provide you freedom from the entangling of wires by supplying you an extensive range of up to 330ft. Their wireless wideband capacity is 80 and the narrow band is 130. They provide you an excellent talk time up to 9 hours which is enough for a shift. They are integrated with fast charging such as 0 to 40% within 30 minutes. 

The combination of noise-canceling and DECT technology allows you to hear crystal clear without any inconvenience. The noise-canceling technology eliminates all the unwanted background noises and controls the breathing rhythm as well that can disturb your conversation. They are featured with intelligent volume control that normalizes the speech level and balances the voice as well. They are comfortable to wear and meet Skype business requirements. They are easy to set-up and use as they can be connected with two devices at the same time. One can be a USB device (softphone or desk phone) and 1 analog phone. They are certified for Skype, webinars and video callings.


  1. Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset with Base Unit

 Jabra Engage series headsets are the popular and most recommended option to choose for the call centers. They are manufactured under the audio professionals to provide you world-class sound. They are designed binaural (two-sided pieces) to enhance your comfort and concentration. An agent can be productive by being comfortable and focused on work goals. They are effective and efficient to use with DECT wireless technology that provides you natural face to face conversation experience. They provide you broadband of frequency range up to 490ft. They allow you to take your work along with you no matter where you move. They provide you distortion-free experience with noise-canceling technology. 

They eliminate and blocks out all the unwanted sounds from the surrounding and supply your isolation with the clients so you can hear and respond accordingly. The microphones are built-in with special components that block out the breathing rhythms and unwanted noises. 

These earpieces are comfortable with being lightly weighted about 83 grams and highly adjustable to the head size. The ear cushions are made up of the quality leatherette which is soft enough to fit on the ear contours without any irritation. They can be connected with two devices and comes with fast charging features so you never go out of battery during calls. The emergency charging option is also available for your convenience. They are package is supplied with headset, base, power supply, USB cable, desk phone cable, QSG, and documentation.  


  1. Jabra Engage 75 Stereo / Mono

These headphones are engineered for experiencing the best sound and are perfect for the call centers. They are developed with industry-leading advanced noise-canceling technology that allows you to hear crystal clear calls no matter how noisy your office environment is. They are featured with DECT wireless range that provides you the freedom to move and still stay connected to your devices. They increase your productivity to 3 times in the same office space as many people to work wirelessly. They increase the chances of your availability to the clients no matter what you are doing by notifying you about the calls. 

They are integrated with the sound intelligence that allows you to hear the calls at your preferred volume level. They are manufactured with quality material and construction that enables you to have fewer interruptions and better communications.


  1. Jabra Engage 75 Convertible

 These are a brilliant choice to choose for your call centers as they are made to provide your agents with the comfort and quality sound that they need. They are extremely light weighted and provide the agents the whole day comfort. The easy-wearing style and crystal clear calls make them different to use. They provide you the broadband wireless frequency of 330feet so hear clear. They are integrated with fast charging that takes the stress of battery draining while usage. 

They provide you up to 9 hours’ talk-time and with fast charge feature, they power your headset from 0 to 40 %, in just 30 minutes.


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