BoneSaw – How Can a Meat Tool Help You?

BoneSaw: When working with meat, it is best to have the appropriate meat tool to ensure the meat is both handled properly and prepared properly for cooking. Without proper handling and preparation, there are underlying dangers that can make those consuming the meat harmful to the people eating it.

First of all, improper handling can lead to food poisoning. Thousands of people are hospitalized per year due to food poisoning. Those who do not go to the hospital find themselves getting extremely ill and it is not an experience that anyone wants to ever have to repeat.

Second, improper preparation can also lead to food poisoning, but can compromise the flavor of the food as well. Preparation includes using a meat tool such as a meat hammer, also called a meat pounder. That allows you to pound the meat to make it tender. Tough meat can be a choking hazard, so this is an important phase when preparing meat.


Even though a butcher may carve your meat, you may need to use a tool to help you carve away even more fat. Certain types of steaks, for instance, are naturally marbleize with fat. But they may have some on the edges that is simply not necessary. Consuming fat is not good for you. Although the body naturally needs fat, too much of it can be a bad thing.

Having the right knives for carving is important. Each knife has its own specific function. For instance, a meat cleaver is excellent at cutting meat that would be difficult to cut with a simple knife. Meat scissors are also ideal at trimming fat away from the meat with ease. You can cut with precision and do so quickly.

If you are going to be butchering your meat yourself, one meat tool that you will need is a bone saw and a meat saw. There are some areas of meat that can be extremely thick. And you will need to saw through bone in order to cut the meat properly.

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