If Only the Church Would Keep to The Mystical Teachings Of Jesus

How many have wished, prayed and even said out loud, “If only the Church would keep to The Mystical Teachings Of Jesus“. But it is very interesting to read what Jesus actually taught and that can come as a surprise to some folks!

In our studies in the Gospel of Luke, we move on into Chapter 12. The momentum appears to be increasing. The crowds are increasing – the pace is becoming faster – the conflict is becoming sharper.

There is this growing open conflict between Jesus Christ and the religious leaders of the day. That very often happens. There is a conflict between Jesus Christ, The Lord, the King – and those who thought they were important people.

Many are gathering around Jesus for various reasons, but Jesus’ priority is to teach disciples. Jesus wants to give His Chosen Men words of advice and encouragement.

It is good to take time – to look at these scenes in the life of Jesus – the ministry of Jesus – the methods of Jesus – the priorities of Jesus – the conflict which confronted Jesus.

His resolute determined decision is to go to Jerusalem – to face Jerusalem – the Cross with all the accompanying painful agony and shame. Jesus is going to carry out His Father’s Will. He is not giving in – not taking an easier route – not compromising – but facing it – confronting it – showing these disciples and us what it is really like.

All this is being done to save us – to show us mercy – to offer man forgiveness – to wash us from our sin – to rescue us from hell.

In the middle of doing all this, Jesus wants to give His Chosen Men words of advice and encouragement.

Over the years, many have said, “If only the Church would keep to the teaching of Jesus – forget about all the doctrine – all this teaching what you should believe – about sin and obedience – if only people would hear the words of Jesus and try to live as Jesus lived.”

There are those who think that doctrine clutters up the Church – NO. False doctrine does. If there is no doctrine – no teaching – if we do not know what we believe and why – soon there will be no church – not that will ever happen – because Jesus will just give the kingdom to others. “If only we kept to what Jesus did and taught, without things like having to be born again.” Now – I have heard that. But that is part of what Jesus taught, and part of what He did and does is pour out the Holy Spirit.

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