Christian Mysticism Churches

Christian Mysticism Churches: Some stories seem to beg for answers when reading through the Bible. I still remember the first questions that came to my mind the first time I read it. Over and over I read the words: He rose again from the dead. So, when did He rise the first time? The first family populated the world with only sons. Who did they marry?

Being raised Catholic my studies as a child were more geared to Catechism than Bible study. Yes, I grew up before Bible reading by Catholics was a part of religious life. So, I was in my forties before I ever picked up the book and made the decision to read it. Now, I can’t put it down.

There is a definite path that leads one to the fulfillment of finding truths and answers to the many questions that present in life. Each person is unique and to find the answers that your soul is searching for is almost magical, like embarking on the yellow brick road. The answers you seek are imparted as you reach a certain level of understanding. There is no one rule that applies to everyone and that is the adventure in finding your own truth.

I had a remarkable experience the first time I read my Bible. I heard a televangelist say that you would get a blessing if you read the Gospels and Acts in 30 days. So, that was where I began. Well, in 30 days I was so excited that I had read all of those pages that I was like a child at Christmas expecting my blessing.

To understand my blessing, first let me explain my situation at the time. The only reason I decided to read was because I had nothing else to do. I had just left the city after finishing up work on a high voltage U.S. Senate race and had moved to the country to marry a farmer and rancher. Now, it was winter, the wheat was growing and there was nothing to do.

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