Mystical Teachings and World Sickness

Q: While on the Mystical Teachings path, what exactly is it you learn? How is this learning different than other learning?

From the mystical perspective, the physical world or world of forms is supported by the world of spirit. The physical world is an extension of this unseen, spiritual world and the physical exists so humanity can fulfill their individual higher destiny. Each traveler enters the world of physical forms for many reasons. Yet each reason is connected to the higher destiny, and the traveler ‘fumbles around in the dark’ unless he or she learns to connect with the Higher Reality. The ladder which has been extended is religious teaching and spiritual learning. The mystical path and spiritual learning is the inner heart of religious teaching. On an inner, spiritual level, all the great religions are one.

World Sickness

According to the mystic, humanity suffers from ‘world sickness’ and mystical teaching exists to help provide the cure and help the traveler see reality. Most people live their entire lives attached to ideas, possessions and other people. These things to the exclusion of others fill their consciousness. While it is good to be concerned about the things of the world and involved in making things betters for others, there is a point where this investment leads you away from the higher, lasting reality. A balance must be maintained between the physical and spiritual.

In this endeavor, it is a matter of degree and attitude. With the proper guidance the traveler learns to participate in the world and withdraw attachment from the world, inwardly. While the traveler may go to work everyday, work hard and try to help others, a part must remain ‘sacred’ and attached to the Light.

World View

For most people, their world view is composed of preconceived ideas, beliefs and emotional reactions to situations. Part of the purpose of any culture or society is to formulate a set of guiding principles, which are taught to its member who then form an affinity with these beliefs: guiding to a large degree their daily life.

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