Guide to Buying Persian Rugs and Perserteppiche kaufen From Aricarpets

Persian-rugs and carpets are a true representation of the ancient Persian art and culture. The genuine Persian-rugs and Perserteppiche kaufen are from Aricarpets and most of the times you will find imitation of the same from countries such as India, Pakistan, Turkey and China but always remember that authentic Persian rugs and Persian carpets are MADE IN IRAN.

The exquisite rugs and carpets are in great demand from all over the world. And the large population weavers in Iran who earn their living by producing these decorative pieces meet this vast requirement. Which caters to international and domestic needs. Every Persian rug and carpet is a unique and output of diverse creativity that makes it so popular and the original piece is deservedly expensive. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home. Or workplace the Persian-rugs or carpets will not just do that.

Choosing an authentic Persian rug or carpet is not that easy

Before actually involving in the process of buying/owning Persian rugs and Perserteppiche kaufen one has to be aware of the basics of an original Persian-rug or carpet. The first thing that you have already been informed is that an original Persian-rug/carpet is always a make of Iran and the rest you find in the market is an imitation nothing more. Second Persian rugs and Perserteppiche kaufen are expensive items, so check out your budget before buying. The following are few tips to make your shopping a little easier and convenient.

The Persian rugs and Persian carpets are Handmade:

All Persian-rugs and carpets are hand weave and there is seldom any machine work that is involve in the making of these.

These rugs and carpets are make with natural silk or Kurkwool and the weavers seldom make use of any synthetic material. The colors used for in the carpets are naturally extract; either from vegetables or plants.

Each and every carpet and rug is unique piece:

No two Persian carpets look the same; individual weavers weave different design. And colour pattern to bring out an outstanding piece using their creative and imaginative skills.

Greater the number of knots the better is the quality:

KPSI or knots per square inch indicate the quality of the Persian rugs and Persian carpets. 250+ KPSI is a superior quality product and anything below 150 KPSI is of average or poor quality.

City and tribal rugs/carpets:

Generally, carpets made by city weavers are always of high quality, which include silk and good quality wool. The tribal Persian-rugs and Persian carpets are not all that great quality and are most ideal for utility purposes.

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