Public Relations for Garage Door Companies

Garage Door Opener Installers and Garage Door Companies are just like any other business and that means they need to do some amount of community goodwill to thrive and prosper in their markets. But what kinds of public relations campaigns can such a company do to promote themselves as good corporate citizens?

Perhaps you have your thinking cap on and have thought about Habitat for Humanity and yes that is one good thing they can do along with sponsoring a Soccer or Little League Team. But for publicity and PR to really work you need a news worthy item, so how about having them join a neighborhood mobile business watch in the area? Why you ask? Well consider the business model;

GARAGE DOOR COMPANIES: These companies deliver, install and repair garage doors in neighborhoods. It behooves these companies to participate because neighbors will not think they are stealing when they come to someone’s house if they have the neighborhood mobile watch sign on their trucks. So they are very apt to join the program and participate. They rely on referrals from other contractors, and can also help build your program in size and number of units on the road.

Now then can you see why joining in with a group of businesses in the community to take a bite out of crime and keep their eyes open for evil bad guys makes so much sense? Consider all this in 2006.

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