How Not To Fail In Network Marketing naming company

My friend Mike said that, ‘people fail in mlm, network marketing, internet marketing, or home business opportunities for two main reasons. Most people start with a shoe string budget, but since they don’t know how to effectively advertise and promote their naming company, they run out of money without having the opportunity grow and explode their business.

They pitch their mlm, network marketing, internet marketing, or home business opportunities to their family, friends, and co-workers. Then they run out of people to talk to, and out of money to advertise.’ The key to not fail in mlm, network marketing, internet marketing, or home business opportunities; is to implement a franchise system with a proven marketing strategy that works. Sort of like Mc Donald’s, the casinos in Las Vegas, movie theaters, and others.

For intance, do you think Mc Donald’s is in the hamburger business? How about Las Vegas’ casinos? They advertise, “what happens in Vegas stays in vegas.” Movie theaters, Do you think they could stay in business by merely selling admission tickets?Let me tell you why Mc Donald’s can afford to sell a burger for a $1 dollar. Because it knows that when you buy that extra slice of cheese, fries, and soda, it will make a huge profit margin on them.

Las Vegas casinos lure you with their entertainment advertising. But they don’t tell you want to lose all your money in gambling which is the real money is made. The same with movie theaters, you take your family to watch a movie. And you easily spend $40 bucks in popcorn, sodas. And candies, not including the admission tickets!Do you see what is going on here? Do you see the marketing strategy at work? If these businesses did not a have a game plan. They would go out of business or they would have a hard time staying in business.

The question that must be popping in your mind by now is. What does that have to do with my mlm. Network marketing, internet marketing, or home business opportunity? It has a lot to do with it, if not all of it! The strategy is based on the ABC business model. Once you understand it and apply it to your mlm business, network marketing business,internet marketing business, or home business opportunity__viola! Your business will explode!What is this ABC business model, and why is it vital to your, mlm business. Network marketing business, internet marketing business, or home business opportunity?

Let’s just say that part A, part B, and part C, all three parts compliment each other. Part A is the most important of the three parts, yet most people only use part B and C. Especially if you are advertising your business on a shoe string budget! Do you see now why people fail in business? Can your mlm business, network marketing business, internet marketing business. Or home business opportunity survive on parts B and C only? Sure it can, but it will cost you a fortune in advertising. And I guarantee it!Part A is designed to help you fund your advertising, and generate prospects for your business.

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