Leading The Way In Yanmar Fuel Injection Pump

In the present world, the people have become totally dependent on machines for almost everything. They have made our lives simple and easier. Starting from an automated toothbrush to huge cranes, there’s nothing a machine cannot do. One such mechanical wonder is the Yanmar Fuel Injection Pump. It was the year 1941 when the injection pump was invent by Vernon Roosa, assisted by Wilson and Baxter. It was basically meant for a diesel engine. But it was Bosch which brought the fuel injection system having a highly pressurize electrical pump, in 1967. After that, Bosch injection pumps have been dominating the world market.

The Bosch injection pumps are basically devices that are use for pumping fuel into cylinders of an engine, mostly, a diesel engine or a gasoline one. Typically, the pumps are drawn, driven from the crankshafts indirectly, by chains, gears or toothed belts (often known as the timing belt), which also actuates the camshaft on the OHC(overhead cam) engines. In a typical four stroke, it turns at half of the normal crankshaft speed. It is time in such a manner that, the fuel injection is done up to the maximum dead center (maximum and minimum distance of the piston from the crankshaft) in the compression stroke of the cylinder.

The pressures in the injection pumps in some engines can reach up to 200Mpa. The pistons used in the pump systems have a stroke volume which remains constant. The injection volume or throttling is kept under control by the rotation of cylinders in parallel with ports which aligns in the cylinder with a slot in the form of a helix. When all of the cylinders are rotated together, they vary the injection volume to generate power according to the need. Over the years, a new type of injection pump known as the Bosch VE pump has also developed. These pumps include a governor which cuts the fuel supply if the crank speed becomes too high, thus posing danger to the working of the system.

The Bosch injection pumps have numerous advantages over the pumps manufactured by other companies. They offer an improved drivability, nearly silent operation, a long life and comparatively less wear. Which was once just a company, has now emerged as a leader in these pumps. Bosch has really lived up to its name. Over the years, it has kept on adding new features to the existing fuel pumps. It definitely awaits a bright future.

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