Use A Course In Miracles To Get More Annuity Leads

A Course In Miracles: Working with insurance agents over the years I have found one commonality… they fear technology. Of course, not all do, most of you reading this online article probably don’t… but in my experience I find fear of technology generally to be true. Some agents I work with still refuse to use email.

What they’re missing out on is an abundance of fresh, precision targeted leads that can only be found on the web.

I’m not talking about banner ads or pop-ups ads or email spam, which are so broad that they are rarely effective. I’m talking about keyword advertising. While there are many places to purchase keyword advertising Google’s AdWords system is by far the best. So what is keyword advertising? When you type in a search phrase, annuity leads for example, on Google you will be presented with one page displaying two types of similar results.


In the center you’ll find organic results, organic being that the sites did not have to pay to be listed. They’re simply relevant to the search phrase.


On the right hand column and directly above the middle results you will see other relevant results in boxes. Those are paid results. Companies pay by the click and bid against one another to be listed there.

The magic of keyword advertising is that you can target your ads directly to what people are searching for. If somebody types in annuities they are looking for annuity information. If they type in annuity agent Spokane, Washington for example, it’s obvious they are looking for a representative in the Spokane area to discuss annuities with. If somebody types in targeted phrases such as these the chances of converting the search to a lead are far, far greater than if somebody is perusing a general website and happens to see a banner ad for annuities. Make sense? In other words, people are looking for you.

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