UCDM – Knowing Yourself Inwardly Is A Great Beginning

UCDM: Trusting others can be hard to do and is a topic quite often discussed. Trusting others is about solid relationships, and sometimes a relationship with someone can be complex.

How do we know if trusting others far too much may haunt us later?

Knowing that it is okay or will be fine when trusting others, simply means you will realize how to relate to that particular person by knowing yourself to the core.

I’d recently written about a woman from Croatia, named Nakita, from out of the blue, writing me letters while I was in prison, and offering me an invitation to join in on a worldwide mindfulness meditation for world peace.

I was having a problem trusting her.

Considering I ‘d never met her before how could I have any sort of relationship trust?

Two or three days went by, and now the haunting voices in my head were calling me a “nut,” louder than ever before, for falling for such a seeming prank. “That’s all it could be,” I would try to convince myself.

Some sort of prank to play or tease around with prisoners. I also started thinking, “Why am I being so hard on myself? My intent is good.”

I quickly sided with the fact that my ego was raising a fuss over the matter. Why be defensive?

No attack was involved.

I thought about the issue of trust in any relationship being focused on whether I trust myself enough to ever begin trusting others. I decided to take the pressure off myself and just have fun with the entire idea.

What could it harm if true joy within myself would be the worst outcome of participating in the mindfulness meditation?

Surprisingly, right at that time I received a letter from my old prison friend William, who had been released and was now enjoying his freedom with his two sons, who are both close to my age.

At eighty-one years old, William was sharp as a tack. He had spent two and a half years in prison for a nonviolent offense so minor that it should never have incurred a prison sentence.

The State of Ohio’s tough-on-crime stance, which garners it much money from the federal government, is a “hard rock to bust.” Don’t get me wrong; I’ve bunked next to many who certainly need to be in prison.

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