Un Curso De Milagros Videos

I was watching a video the other day that was showing a woman who lived in India producing Un Curso De Milagros Videos. That was fine and dandy, but the point I would like to make today can be applied to almost any religion or spiritual practice in the world. Was this or wasn’t this actually a miracle?

Before you can understand what I’m about to suggest, you will need to apply a little bit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to this thought or way of thinking. To answer this question honestly, could take some extensive scientific research, so we’re going to need to stick to the basics and try to simplify the situation.

The video showed a woman who was considered to be an avatar or godlike personification. An avatar would be an incarnation of a God who lives on the earth. Now if you’re a Christian, Muslim or practice Judaism, this could be blasphemous, but you need to open your minds, because this situation could also apply to your religion.

The video showed the woman surrounded by her devotees and a couple of them asked to see a miracle. Within a short period of time the woman was handed a bowl of water that she eventually turned into milk. The video didn’t actually show the water turning into milk, so there’s little proof or acceptable evidence that this event actually took place.

The video simply went from the bowl of water, to the bowl of milk, with out showing the water change to milk. This is where things get a little complicated. Since we couldn’t see the miracle take place, how do we know that it actually was a miracle?

I’m not suggesting that this didn’t happen, but it would have been more convincing, if I actually witnessed it taking place in front of me, in person and could have the avatar perform additional miracles that I would have requested.

Now I mentioned that any one could apply this wisdom to their religion and it’s true. Think about all of this stuff that you’ve seen or some of this stuff that you might question about your religion. We never saw Jesus walk on water or God create the earth, but most Christians believe that this event actually took place.

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